SABIR International Co. was established in 1997 and over the past several years has been active in various fields of civil activities in line with its reputation throughout the global arena, and has created national values and self-esteem. Its mission is the development of human and organizational capabilities for improving the lives of human beings.
SABIR International as a prominent contracting company, now enjoys the latest management and technology achievements available, and with creative and efficient human resources, is one of the most developed companies within the private sector and is known internationally.
Since the company’s core values are a vital part of the organisation, quality and commitment is at the heart of all policies.
SABIR International Co. believes that only by recruiting, organizing and training the best and most efficient human resources in the construction industry, and providing the necessary infrastructure to maximize the human capabilities, the organization can react to the needs of the competitive markets in which it operates.
SABIR International Co. is now among the pioneers within the design and construction field, and this achievement was obtained by the use of its large fleet of machinery and efforts of its experts. The company has now three decades successful experience in large-scale projects such as subterranean tunnels, water tunnels, residential and commercial complexes, dams, water and sewage treatment plants, housing construction and multifunctional buildings.
SABIR International Co., in accordance with its vision of “Building on a Global Scale”, has made a wide range of changes in its organizational structure and management system, which has resulted in the satisfaction of its clients and made the company honorable in the international arena.

Construction category (Grade 1)

– Construction of Administrative and residential buildings and commercial with industrial and traditional methods
– High-rise residential buildings industrial structures
– Construction of hospitals and health centers

Road construction and transportation category (Grade 1)

– Construction of freeways and highways
– Construction of concrete bridges, steel bridges & cable bridges
– Tunnel construction with TBM and NATM methods
– Infrastructure and superstructure of railways
– Construction of runways and landscaping

Water category (Grade 1)

– Dam construction
– Water and sewage treatment plants
– Water conveyance canals and drainage networks
– Water conveyance tunnels in the forms of ways
– Sewage and surface water collection networks
– Wharfs and breakwater structure

Utilities and equipment category (Grade 1)

– Installation of water and sewage treatment plnats
– Instrumentation and hydro-mechanical installations of dams
– Installations of administrative and residential buildings, hospitals and health centers

Communication and Information category (Grade 1)

– The ICT section includes sound, video and data communications
– Satellite Internet and Intranet networks
– A variety of infrastructure and service networks, including postal, telecommunications, wired, wireless, radio, television
– Construction of main transmission and distribution stations

Power Catrgory (Grade 1)

– Power substations & distribution and transmission of power
– Power supply
– Construction of powerplant
– Power networks and installations

Mining & industries catrgory (Grade 4)

– Industries
– Mining
– Industrial automation

Oil and Gas category (Grade 5)

– Oil and gas production
– Oil, gas and petrochemical refineries
– Transmission lines, tanks, pump houses, oil and gas networks

Land excavation catrgory (Grade 5)