Construction of 1312 units of residential apartment in Parand new city (EPC)
  Body, foundation & related facilities of Mojen dam
  Construction of 440 units of residential apartment in Parand new city (EPC)
  construction of 3406 residential units in Simorgh complex
  Repairing of wharf and access bridge and related structures in Persian gulf special region
  Sewerage Transfer Concrete Tunnel of Imam Khomaini, Komail
  Repairing of Wharf, Access Bridge and Connecting Structures in Persian Gulf Special Zone
  Procurement & Construction of Tailing Disposal and Return Water Pump Stations along with the Associated Pipelines for Water Refining & Recovery Plants-Phase 1- Golgohar Mining & Industrial Company-Sirjan
  Executiae operation of Saat Square Staion (No.11) Line 1 of tabriz metro lin1
  Financing, design and studies, material supply and construction of northern part of Tehran metro line 6 package No.2 (EPC&F)
  Design, procurement, installing and launching equipment of Tehran metro line 6
  Aysan Entertainment,commercial,administratortive and cultural complex of Tabriz
  Design and construction of southern expansion of Tehran metro line 6 (Dowlatabad-Shahre Re7)
  Imam Ali square & Construction of drainage rote support shaft, crossovers & cross passages