supplying potable water for Nukus, Beruny and Turtkul(40D)
  Rehabilitation & development of ground water Karakalpakstan(70D)
  No.2 potable water treatment plant Karaj
  Rehabilitation of Aparan and halavar Dams.
  Geotechnical study of Djiploo dam site in Guinea equatorial
  Anzob highway tunnel
  Execution of water conveyance canal and tunnel in south Halab
  Constructing a Bridge for Zarjob River in Rasht
  Cable gallery civil works
  water diversion canal and access roads of Mojen dam site
  Water treatment plant in Lia Ghazvin
  Performing executive operations and safeguarding, protecting excavation walls of Tabriz Elgoli residential administrative and commercial tower
  Tehran-metro line 3 & 2 stations in the form of EPC
  Garmsar water treatment plant
  Execution of A3-2 station centeral core unit
  Constructing open Warehouses of Kavah port in Qeshm
  B3 stations of Tehran-metro line 3
  Garmsar water treatment plant
  Renovation, repair and maintenance of TBM machine and technical support in Algeria
  Sewage treatment plant of Abali sport complex
  A3-2 stations of Tehran-metro line 3