• No. 24 , corner of west 66th alley , end of Golestan St.

    South of Vanak park, Hemmat Express Way,Tehran-Iran

    تهران - بزرگراه همت، جنوب ونک پارک

    انتهای خیابان گلستان،نبش کوچه66 غربی،پلاک24

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This project is the first public transportation system in kish and has the capacity of transporting 7 million passengers per year , and this will have a great importance of Tourism growth in this region . 

According to the report of public relation division of Sabir Intl. Co , this MOV was signed with presence of Dr Mozafari in kish free zone organization office in Tehran , between MAPNA , SANIR INTL & City Bank consortium & Kish free zone organization .

First section of this network is double track with 8 km length located between Hormoz sq and Marjan 3 way junction . The project will be executed with support of capable international consultants according to latest standards with the most recent safety facilities .

According to the MOV Technical details of the plan & signing the main contract was completed and executive phase will be started in second part of the Year .

Saturday 2019/6/8

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