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Pavement - railway

Ballast distributing and regulating machine RPB-01

The machine RPB-01 is designed for ballast distribition and regulation during construction and all types of repair and maintenance of railway tracks on straight and curved sections with all types of ballast, sleepers, rails and rail fastenings .

Track Tamping, Leveling and Aligning machine VPR-02М

The machine is designed for surfacing and tamping of railway tracks during all types of repair, construction and routine maintenance of tracks with rail types, for all types of ballast on gradients not exceeding 20‰. The machine is equipped with microprocessor- based control system .

Self-propelled rail welding machine PRSM – 5

PRSM-5 is designed for welding of rail joints by the method of electrical resistance welding. Welding can be performed on rails installed in track on which the machine is travelling, as well as on rails laying along the track inside or outside of it at the distance 3,300 mm from track centerline. The machine is equipped with rail pulling devices and processing equipment which allows to pull up assembled rails and sleepers and perform rail welding without unfastening them from sleepers .


Track crane Track crane UK 25/9-18 is designed for laying and dismantling of railway tracks with rail links of weight up to 18 t, length up to 25 m, on wood and concrete sleepers during repair operations and construction of railways .