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construction and design of tunnel, entrance shaft, exit shaft, substation B3 and A3-2 stations of Tehran-metro line 3 & 2 stations in the form of EPC contract

Project description

This project includes construction and design of 2 underground stations named B3 and A3-2 stations ,exit shaft, entrance shaft, substation and also construction and design of tunnel with approximate length of 7 km which the tunnel drilled by TBM machine.

TBM machine used in this project is of EPB type with 9.19 meter diameter. Thickness of segment pieces are 35 cm and outer diameter is 8.85 meter.

Regarding execution of project, because of repetitive passing from underneath of rails of national railway, Navab Bridge and railway building, the project was particularly important and critical.


Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co

Employer’s consultant

Civiar consulting engineers Co.

Project management

Pajoohesh consulting engineers Co.


Sabir International Company