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Quality Policy SABIR international company

Sabir international as one of the active companies in field of civil projects follows the below principles as its safety and environmental policies: 
1- Observing all the national rules and requirements set by clients or other legal entities like standard bureau, environment organization, etc. 
2- Continuous reduction of safety and environmental risks using known mechanisms and executive procedures and spreading habits of paying attention to health and safety
3- Provision of facilities and equipment according to engineering principles and maintenance of them in safe condition 
4- Explicitly in expressing problems and issues and taking part in health and safety subjects
5- Having Training courses to increase awareness   about health and safety in all levels of organization
6- Waste reduction and saving material and energy
7- Notifying all the interested parties by the medias related to clients and guilds 
8- Achieving maximum consent of clients through on time delivery of agreed services
9- Observing all technical principles under license of reputable international companies. 
10- Approving technical knowledge of staff through establishment of training process
11- Maximizing efficiency and validity through establishment of Process approach and continuous improvement of defined indices in process. 
We established these quality management standards as the guide for the staff of organization: HSE OHSAS18001:99 ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 
We review our policies in management meetings to make sure of its adequacy and sufficiency.