• No. 24 , corner of west 66th alley , end of Golestan St.

    South of Vanak park, Hemmat Express Way,Tehran-Iran

    تهران، بزرگراه همت، جنوب ونک پارک

    انتهای خیابان گلستان، نبش کوچه66 غربی، پلاک24

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about our Sabir international company

Sabir international company is one of the largest and most reputable contractors the field of exporting technical and engineering services which has been established by aiming atexecution of fundamental projects since establishment.
This company has executed numerous projects in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,Syria, Armenia, Guinea ,equatorial, Algeria and inside the country.
Sabir international enjoys very efficient and experienced management and managesit’s projects by engaging skilled experts and using big fleet of heavy machinery and equipment in a way that it fulfills the consent of all it’s clients and employers.

Field of Activity :

Water category
- Dam construction
- Water and sewage treatment plants
- Water conveyance canals and drainage networks
- Water conveyance tunnels in the forms of ways
- Sewage and surface water collection networks
- Wharfs and breakwater structure

 Road construction and transportation category
- Construction of freeways and highways
- Construction of concrete bridges, steel bridges & cable bridges
- Tunnel construction with TBM and NATM methods
- Infrastructure and superstructure of railways
- Construction of runways and landscaping

Construction category
- Construction of Administrative and residential buildings
and commercial with industrial and traditional methods
- High-rise residential buildings industrial structures
- Construction of hospitals and health centers

Installation and equipment category
- Installation of water and sewage treatment plnats
- Instrumentation and hydro-mechanical installations of dams
- Installations of administrative and residential buildings, hospitals and health centers

Power Catrgory 
- Power substations & distribution and transmission of power
- Power supply
- Construction of powerplant
- Power networks and installations

Road construction and transportation category 
- The ICT section includes sound, video and data communications
- Satellite Internet and Intranet networks
- A variety of infrastructure and service networks, including postal,
telecommunications, wired, wireless, radio, television
- Construction of main transmission and distribution stations

Mining & industries catrgory
- Industries
- Mining
- Industrial automation

Road construction and transportation category
- Oil and gas production
- Oil, gas and petrochemical refineries
- Transmission lines, tanks, pump houses, oil and gas networks

Land excavation catrgory