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Execution of water conveyance canal and tunnel in south Halab

Project description

Project consists of excavation & lining of 5.4 km tunnel with 5.3 m diameter, inlet and outlet structures with 1000 m length in the depth of 40 m behind the ground level. Excavation of tunnel has been done by TBM. Internal coating of tunnel consists of precast segment pieces.
Aleppo irrigation tunnel is located in south east of Aleppo and the aim of project was conveying water of Maskaneh Dam to lands of south of Aleppo.
A set of structures are allocated to conveying water through MC canal from Maskaneh Dam to lands of south of Aleppo.
Route of canal is designed from south of industrial area of Aleppo and continues along the railroad and passes Nirab residential area, turns to south west and finally reach Khantoomer residential area. Length of canal will be 26 km totally and 5.4 km of it will be the tunnel.


Syria ministry of irrigation and land development




Sabir International Company