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On November 4th, 2020, in a ceremony attended by some of city managers and members of city council, TBM entered the main square station of Shahre Rey. The preliminaries of start of last phase of excavation of southern extension of Tehran metro line 6 have just begun.

Public relation and international affairs of Tehran urban and sub urban railway Co. has just reported that CEO of Tehran railway Co. declared that southern extension of Tehran metro line 6 project including 6 km tunnel and 4 stations starting from Dowlat Abad and continues to Abdol azim shrine and is now under construction and the excavation operation is being done with TBM. Currently the machine has reached main square station and in continuation of the route, it continues 1200 meter to the last station which is the station of Abdol azim shrine and excavation operation will practically completed at that point.

With the construction of 4 stations planned in the southern development section of Line 6, a tangible change will take place in the access of the people of Rey city to the metro network as well as the people from all parts of the capital to Rey city and its places of pilgrimage.

It is worth mentioning that the southern development of Tehran Metro Line 6 includes 4 stations named Cheshmeh Ali, Shahid Ghayouri, Shahr Rey Square (Hazrat Abdolazim Hassani (AS) Square) and finally Haram Station, which can be extended to Tehran Railway Square and connection to Tehran metro line 1 is plausible in the future.

With the construction of the southern development section of Tehran Metro Line 6 with a length of 6 km and 4 stations, which starts from Dolatabad area and leads to the eastern side of the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdolazim Hassani (AS), the length of this line will reach 38 km and the number of stations will reach 31 stations. To become one of the tallest subway lines in the Middle East

Thursday 2020/11/5

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